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Beginning in Bengaluru

This blog is not just for the couples, but also for any human coming to Bengaluru for working OR dreaming.

  1. However tech savvy you are, the best way to find your home away from home is still roaming around the colonies near your office on foot, get numbers from to-let boards & connect

  2. If you're looking to taste good south Indian food, go to nearby darshini (self-service food joints) & savour soft idlis & benne masala dosas. You can get a complete meal for as low as INR 60-70

  3. Instead of relying a lot on Ola, Uber, Rapid, etc - try exploring buses. BMTC works like wonder in most of the areas. TUMMOC app is there for finding the perfect buses

  4. If you're living alone, instead of hiring a cook & maid who charges almost 6K/month - try subscribing to a nearby home-meal service. Also, learn cleaning your own mess & house

  5. Walk! Walking is the best thing you can do for your body to keep it active & refreshed. Bengaluru has some great parks for a morning walk or an evening jog. I have lost almost 10 kgs in last 10 months just by walking around & having healthy food here. Replace oil with ghee

  6. If you're sure about staying here for over a year, then buy instead of renting refrigerator/washing machine etc

  7. Cultivate good relations with your nearby kiranastore, sabziwala etc apart from your college mates & colleagues. No one knows when your UPI stops supporting you ;)

  8. If you're on a budget, buy alcohol from a nearby shop & enjoy it at your place

  9. Most of the south Indian tourist places are just a night away. There are tens of companies who take you for a weekend adventure trip for as low as 4K INR. Go solo & meet new people

  10. Being in a metro city comes with a great dating culture. Bengaluru has some great date places & activities including pubs, pottery, day-trips, sports, picnics, etc. You can explore these date places using Twople app. Twople is the only platform in Bengaluru for couples to book date plans for the two of you

  11. Don't keep complaining about traffic. We are the traffic :p

Finally, remember that you're in a new territory, a new culture & around new people - so try adjusting a bit, try making most of it & just enjoy your favourite tea or coffee looking at the sunset from your window/balcony!

All the best from Twople 😁

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